The Plant Room Launch at Colours May Vary!


The Plant Room launch was a great exhibition, it was held at Colours May Vary, an independent shop based in Leeds at Munro House. It is an amazing space for exhibitions, it also sells some unique products, books and art. 


At the exhibition there was some brilliant illustrations done by Leeds based artist Lucy Ketchin



There was also great array of beautiful plants and succulents from The Plant Room, they worked really well in the exhibition, giving it a very natural look, you could also purchase the plants. 



The launch night was hosted with some tasty drinks, local gin from Harewood House it was delicious, there was also a mock tail version. 

The arrangement of plants, art and products near the window was fascinating, it looked like a set design with the draped fabric. 

We throughly enjoyed the exhibition and we can’t wait to see what comes next to Colours May Vary!


Plastic Pollution


The ban on plastic micro beads has eventually happened in the UK. This is a massive step forward in the right direction, we are now hoping the same ban will be happening soon for single use plastics!


What are microbeads? 

Micro beads are small beads of plastic usually found in products like face scrubs and toothpastes.  They are not degradable, once these plastic beads are made they last forever, so you can imagine how many are already in circulation today. 


What is wrong with microbeads, why are they harmful? 

When using products with mircobeads in them, such as a face scrub, they are then washed away with water so these micro beads enter the water system. This then ends up in the sea, all sea life are eating these micro beads thinking it’s food,  when in fact it is harmfull plastics which they cannot digest. Then humans who choose to eat fish are actually ingesting plastic contaminated fish.   


The great thing is they are now banned to be used in products, but this doesn’t solve the problem of the thousands of microbeads already in the world, harming nature and the wildlife. 



Image from https://inhabitat.com/tag/plastic-pollution/ 


The other main problem with plastics are single-use plastics. 


What are single-use plastics ? 

These are plastics that are made to only use once then thrown away.  Items such as: bottles of water, coffee cups, plastic straws, plastic cutlery, shopping bags, takaway containers and packaging.


Why are single-use plastics bad to use?.

There is quiet a few reasons Single-use Plastics are bad for the environment. They are not biodegradable the life span of a plastic bottle is 450 years. All the plastics that were ever made are still around today. Most people don’t recycle them correctly and they end up as landfill. It is destroying all our ecosystems, leaching toxins into the environment. Animals are eating these plastics thinking there food which is bad for their health and lifespan. 


Image from http://www.spotusa.org/recycle.html


The most heartbreaking thing is this can all be avoided! 


What you can do to use less plastic? 


- Invest in a reusable water bottle & coffee cup (some coffee shops give you discount if you bring your own cup)


- Be aware of packaging when purchasing food, you can get the same fruit and veg without the excess plastic.


- Take a reusable shopping bag with you everywhere, to save buying a plastic bag.


- Change your hand-wash, body wash and shampoo to solid bars of soap.


- Purchase a bamboo toothbrush.


- Refuse to use straws when you’re out, you can also buy reusable metal straws. 


- If you still have some plastic at least recycle them correctly.


There is so much you can do you reduce your plastic usage and help the planet.


ZARAMIA AVA now available at The Veg Out Cafe


A vegetarian & vegan pop up cafe and art space displaying local artists, this is a great idea!

Situated at 33a Lands Lane Leeds ( where the Candy Heroes Shop used to be )

The pop up is running for 6 weeks from 3rd July to 13th August.


The food is by the Grub and Grog shop all Vegan and vegetarian, you can also purchase local produce vegetables, herbs and plants.


There are workshops, exhibitions and visuals throughout the 6 weeks. All available to view and book, on the Veg Out cafe event on Facebook.

Their Ethos is Constantly evolving promoting sustainability and zero waste which is in line with the ZARAMIA AVA Ethos.

Showcasing local artists with some amazing products. You can find all sorts from ceramics to hanging plants, beautifully illustrated designs to geometric jewellery & fashion.


ZARAMIA AVA IDENTITY unisex products such as:

+ Versatile oversized t-shirts locally screen printed, they can be worn in many ways, they come in white, black and grey. Packaged in ZARAMIA AVA branded, biodegradable brown paper bags.

+ Laser cut geometric jewellery in a variety of sizes and lengths. Made with hemptique cord which is naturally dyed with no chemicals, all zero waste and locally produced. Available in gold, black, mirrored gold and walnut wood. Choose from small, medium or a large size logo in 2 different lengths. Packaged in ZARAMIA AVA branded biodegradable cardboard boxes.

+Locally made metallic pocket mirrors with a variety of geometric designs to choose from. Packaged in ZARAMIA AVA branded 100% ethical linen drawstring bags.

+ Locally Handmade Crocheted Pom Pom beanie hats with vegan acrylic yarn available in black and gold & black. Packaged in ZARAMIA AVA branded biodegradable brown paper bags.


All also available online at www.ZaraMiaAva.com/identity