The Plant Room Launch at Colours May Vary!


The Plant Room launch was a great exhibition, it was held at Colours May Vary, an independent shop based in Leeds at Munro House. It is an amazing space for exhibitions, it also sells some unique products, books and art. 


At the exhibition there was some brilliant illustrations done by Leeds based artist Lucy Ketchin



There was also great array of beautiful plants and succulents from The Plant Room, they worked really well in the exhibition, giving it a very natural look, you could also purchase the plants. 



The launch night was hosted with some tasty drinks, local gin from Harewood House it was delicious, there was also a mock tail version. 

The arrangement of plants, art and products near the window was fascinating, it looked like a set design with the draped fabric. 

We throughly enjoyed the exhibition and we can’t wait to see what comes next to Colours May Vary!


Pom to the People Exhibition!


The Pom to the People Exhibition was shown at the Gallery at 164 in Leeds.


It was called Pom to the people by Stitch up. Stitch up are a social enterprise, keeping the value of craft alive, they run local workshops for all things handmade, teaching people who are eager to lean new skills crafting.

The exhibit showed lots of colourful handmade pom poms transformed into typography artwork. The Pom poms were made from various workshops held by Stitch Up. They were very sustainable and used scrap yarn and material, recycling the yarn into amazing artwork.


Normally typography is harsh and sharp in 2D form, but with this artwork it had a soft edge to it as it. made up of colourful fluffy Pom Poms, showing texture and a 3D element.


I particularly liked the Love art, this was made up of four separate letters, its very versatile, you could move the pieces horizontal to have the artwork shown in a different way.


There was also a long piece of paper in the middle of the exhibition saying what makes you happy? There was all these colourful answers. manly people answered saying their pets made them happy. This was a great activity to get involved in.


The Balenciaga Exhibition: Shaping Fashion at the V&A


Balenciaga exhibition: Shaping Fashion was held at the V&A museum in London it was truly amazing.

The exhibition was separated into 2 parts. We started upstairs as it was quiet busy downstairs. The upstairs part of the exhibition showed how Balenciaga shaped the modern fashion industry, and how he influenced fashion designers throughout the years.  The layout was very modern and minimalist in a large spacious area.

The exhibition was split up into categories such as cut, minimalism, perfection, volume and drape. Within these categories were large glass boxes which held the modern designers take on the words influenced by Balenciaga.

There was a great video on designers talking about how Balenciaga inspired them and their Collections.

The downstairs section of the exhibition showed the history of Balenciaga. From his loyal clients to his catwalk shows. This part of the exhibition was a contrast to upstairs, shown with more of a historical look.

There was an area where you could try on a cape which was a particular pattern made by balenciaga himself and see how you would wear the garment, as a skirt, dress, cape.


Walking around the exhibition they showed clothing made in toiles then the garment made in delicate fabrics and vivid colours. They also had an X-ray image of the dresses as a background, this was very interesting it gave a modern feel to the exhibition, mixed among the historical artefacts. The X-ray showed the inside of the garments, all the detailing and some even has pins that had been mistakenly left inside.

Mini videos were dotted around the exhibition showing the separate pattern pieces that made up the garment and how they were assembled to the finished garment, these videos where very intriguing, you got lost watching them. Even the simplest of patterns made the most exquisite dresses.

There was a section of the exhibition where you could make your very own one seam coat out of origami, it showed the appeal of zero waste and the simplicity of shape but most of all it showed how much thought went into the designing and pattern cutting process.