ZARAMIA AVA featured in the He She They? Exhibition at Abbey House Museum


ZARAMIA AVA has been involved in the He She They? Exhibition at Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall, Leeds.

The exhibition has been curated by the vintage youth group, they explored genderless clothing from the past Victorian era to present day.

Images of the making process from drafting blocks to pattern cutting, fabric cutting then sewing.

Images of the ZARAMIA AVA cabinet, showing the sustainable fashion process, in the He She They? Exhibition

Images showing the sustainable design process, in the He She They? Exhibition

Images of Zara-Mia Ava Installing the exhibition and of the He She They? exhibition launch

Interview for the interactive video shown at the Exhibition

Zara-Mia Ava studied at Leeds Art University achieving a first in a BA Fashion Degree initially made clothing for herself then family and friends. Zara-Mia decided to set up the brand as she wanted to offer clothing not available in the marketplace.

After finding out the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, it became obvious that setting up a small sustainable business was the only way to go. It was important there was no animal cruelty involved, so no animal by products were to be used for the business.

The aim is to be as sustainable and zero waste as possible throughout the process.The sourcing of ethical fabrics narrows down the material choices but it is important to the brand that all future purchases will be ethical. Fabric is chosen for the least environmental impact like Irish linen, bamboo and organic cotton. We also use end of roll fabrics which will avoid them being sent to landfill.

The choice of genderless garments came about to include everyone regardless their age size or gender and the zero waste pattern cutting enables the garments to fit both genders.

ZARAMIA AVA was interested in getting involved with exhibition as it’s always good to collaborate and work on new products, whilst educating and informing others about slow fashion and sustainability.

The garments were chosen for the exhibition as mainly they are a mini version of the adult clothing.

The dark grey jersey trousers were made with cut off fabric remnants from previous collections, they are a hareem style dropped crotch with a tight leg.

The cloud print long sleeve top is also made with cut off fabric remnants from previous collections, although not sustainable fabric in its own right it is using up what we already have without waste.

The wrap top is made using a lighter grey Irish linen which is a sustainable fabric and can be worn in many ways to create different looks making the garment versatile to the wearer.

The longer wrap garment also using the lighter grey Irish linen can be worn fastened, open, alone or over the other complementary garments.

The colours tone in nicely to give a neutral but stylish look.  

Images of the ZARAMIA AVA ethical childrenswear products, commissioned especially for the He She They? Exhibition. Photos by Gold Bespoke Photography.

Images from The Genderless Photoshoot inspired by the He She They? Exhibition 

Credits: Photographer | Nida Mozuraite from PhotoManic Photography || Models | Natalie Ciufo Green & Mabz Beet Hair & Makeup Artist | Naomi Jade Nicholson || Designer & Stylist | ZARAMIA AVA || Location | Leeds Art Gallery 


Image of the He She They? Exhibition from the Yorkshire Evening Post Newspaper taken by Abbey House Museum

He She They? The Changing Face of Children’s Fashion Exhibition, is available to view, at Abbey House Museum until January 19th 2020.

Links about the He She They? Children’s Exhibition 


ZARAMIA AVA is a PETA-Approved Vegan Fashion brand.


ZARAMIA AVA is now a PETA-Approved Vegan Fashion brand. We are very excited to say we are now a PETA-Approved Vegan brand.

We are vegan at ZARAMIA AVA. We try have a small carbon footprint. No animals are injured or have died to make you look good! We believe in cruelty free.

‘PETA-Approved Vegan

Vegan fashion – clothes, shoes and accessories that contain no leather, fur, wool, skin, exotic skins or any other animal-derived fabric – is revolutionising the way that we shop and dress. As more and more people vow never to clothe themselves in cruelty, retailers and designers are meeting the demand for animal-friendly clothes in style.

Although you can easily find fashionable animal-free products in many high-street stores, some companies go further, either by ensuring that everything they sell is 100 per cent vegan or by clearly sign-posting their vegan products. Our “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo is a way of recognising these progressive compassionate businesses – and helping ethical consumers identify where to shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they’re not supporting the exploitation of animals.’

All our Menswear & Womenswear Clothing and Accessories are vegan. We mainly use organic and bamboo fabrics.

We thank Peta for all their support, use of their Vegan logo and feel very privileged to have our link on there PETA-Approved vegan brand list.


ZARAMIA AVA talks to Fashion Rider


An amazing feature of our brand on Fashion Rider. This is a great platform for creatives, if you are looking to network, for collaborations, or you need to source specific people to get your job done. We have found Fashion Rider such a great support, for businesses like us. Helping us break into the fashion industry, with valuable knowledge an amazing platform for great opportunities and one to one support. 

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This is such a good write up of our brand, we are so pleased to be involved with this fantastic series of meet the maker blog posts, on the sustainable edit!  

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IDENTITY Range available at Veg Out Cafe Leeds!


ZARAMIA AVA IDENTITY range includes; unisex oversized t-shirts, geometric necklaces in various sizes, lengths and materials, geometric pocket mirrors that come with ethical linen drawstring bags, and hand crocheted hats. 

All products are locally made, zero waste and sustainable. They come packaged in biodegradable branded cardboard boxes.