The Transparent Shadows - S/S Collection


The Transparent Shadows - Spring/Summer - Womenswear - 2014 Collection is inspired by shading and light, showing beauty through transparency. The layers of fabrics highlight different textures in the neutral colours. The reflective properties of the metallic and studded areas mimic light. Feminine curves and shapes are accentuated, by flowing fabric in contrast to the fitted bodywsear underneath.


The In Pieces Collection - Menswear - 2014


The In Pieces collection is based on maritime. The concept is multipurpose and functional, using waterproof fabrics, providing options of how to wear the garments. Inspiration taken from sailing ships and historical French architectural arches, forms structure to the garments.

Eighteen century menswear pattern cutting inspires the design and, creating a dimension by eliminating the side seam presenting an innovative silhouette. Traditional hand sewing elements have been used to attach oversized press snap and hook and eye fastenings to illustrate the attention to detail.