The Minimalist Documentary


One of the most inspiring documentaries I have seen in a while. Definitely worth a watch.


For the authors to have been in well paid business jobs but yet not completely happy was unusual, as your first thoughts are if you have money you are happy.

This was not the case, leaving their high profile jobs and living a minimal lifestyle has made them happy and appreciate life. They are now touring around the world with their book, spreading the word of minimalism.

It is a revolutionary new movement that is becoming more and more apt for our busy lives. People are wanting to live a simpler life, a life more than material objects.


‘With shopping habits people have a gaping void they feel like they need to fill with stuff to make them feel better, which is where consumer purchases come in. But after all their shopping sprees they are still longing for more.’


If you think about it with all the stuff you have hoarded in your life how much do you actually use? The point the guys were saying is does it have a value to you? does it mean something to you? is it functional?

If not then you don't need it! Get rid of it sell it, recycle it, give it to a charity. Free yourself of clutter for a happier life. 

Project 33.3

This is such a great concept, to prove you do not need fast fashion. Fast fashion does not pay true ecological costs, this and lack of paid labour is harming the planet and the people that make the fabrics and garments. Slow fashion is the way forward. Be sustainable. Being able to produce a capsule wardrobe wearing 33 interchangeable pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories to wear for 3 months. And repeat.

'Just don't buy anything! '

Not only is this an ethical way of dressing, this is great for creative, busy people. By having more time in the morning, not thinking about how to put together outfits and what accessories they can put them with. It's already thought out and you can easily grab a few items and know whatever you pick up they will automatically go together within your capsule wardrobe. Who wouldn't want more time!


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Tiny Houses

People were living their life depending on how big their houses were, buying more and more stuff to fill their huge empty houses, there is no need to have more than what you actually need.

‘Affordability, simplicity, sustainability. Do more with less. Small spaces makes sense environmentally.’

Tammy Stroble founder of tiny houses which are social homes. ‘In the end it isn't about the size of your house or how you can move it around it's about mindful choices, it's about flexibility and freedom spending time with loved ones.’


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Exile Lifestyle 

Collin wright is a full time traveller he stated a blog to record his travels, which is now his job as a nomade traveller. He is giving homeless a different meaning. All he possesses is what he carries on him traveling from place to place. This is such an amazing concept. He owns no home but yet isn’t homeless, he is a minimalist nomade showing people how you don’t need to be stuck in one place with all your useless possessions, he is traveling the world with all he needs in his backpack.



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After watching this documentary it opened my eyes to mass consumerism. We don’t need to buy things to make us content. We can be more than happy, with a simple clutter free lifestyle. Have a think when you next go shopping, see whether any of the links listed can help you get more organised and pro active in a happy minimal lifestyle.

‘Live life with less!’