Earth Overshoot Day!


What is earth overshoot day?

All the natural resources that the earth can provide us for the year have already been used up this year today on the 1st August 5 months earlier this is disgraceful. All the resources we use from now on are taken from the earth.

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Tips on how you can you reduce your ecological footprint


 Vegan lifestyle

This is the single biggest change you can make to instantly reduce your ecological footprint.


 Reducing your meat, fish, dairy and egg intake will help lower your ecological footprint and impact on the earth.


We tested this on the ecological calendar and if I ate meat my ecological footprint would be huge and my overshoot date would be 7 months earlier than me being vegan, even with having the same lifestyle of unprocessed food, using renewable energy, and having hardly any waste it made the biggest difference.


Try it for yourself on the ecological calculator


Zero waste


+ Make less trash to avoid it going to landfill.


+ Recycle all you can.


+ Avoid single use plastics and invest in reusable bottles, cups, cutlery, straws, tote bags.


+ Grown your own vegetables, or buy local unpackaged produce.



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Home Energy Saving


+ Switch your energy provider to someone like Bulb who use renewable energy.


+ Use energy saving lightbulbs and turn off the plugs when electricity is not in use.




+ Switch your search engine to Ecosia whilst you are searching the web, it raises money through adverts, which funds people to help plant trees all around the world.


Raise awareness


+ One of the best things you can do to help is raise awareness.


+ Share videos, images, facts or tips on how to change on social media. Use the hashtag #MoveTheDate


+ Talk to your friends about the benefits of what you are doing.


Measure your ecological footprint 👣