Today is mental health awareness day! It is vital to look after your mind, your mind health is just as important as your body health for overall wellbeing to live a happy fulfilled life.

We have just started our vitality for the mind venture, this section will raise awareness of mental health conditions, it will focus on positive self help lifestyle tips and guides, which will include mindfulness, exercises and meditation all linking into our sustainable fashion brand, there will be downloadable content for all to use as needed.

Below are some definitions of chemical reactions that happen in our brain that produce feel good happy feelings. Once we understand what the chemicals are and what they do, it is easier to produce more of the chemicals to make ourselves happier.


Pleasure Neurotransmitter

| Feelings of motivation, pleasure

| Can be addictive people repeat behaviours that release dopamine

| Dopamine is released to make us feel motivated and gives us satisfaction from completing a task

| Released when: playing sports, learning something new, finishing a project provides focus


| Mood neurotransmitter

| Contributes to happiness and overall wellbeing

| Helps to regulate sleep and digestive system

| Released when: being out in sunlight, eating certain foods and exercise


| Flight or flight neurotransmitter

| You have heightened awareness due to increased blood flow and heat rate which gives you a boost

| Released when: your are in stressful and exciting situations


| Euphoria neurotransmitter

| Gives feeling of euphoria and wellbeing

| Relieves pain

| Released when: exercising, excitement, laughing and eating

Here are some simple tips to boost these chemicals for overall well-being:

| Lower stress levels with self care

| Go for a walk outside

| Get consistent good sleep

| Eat well, a variety of foods with lots of vitamins, nutrients and protein

| Listen to music

| Regular exercise

| Spend some time in the sun

| Get a massage

| Learn to meditate

| Giving back, help others