I wanted a send you a note to thank you for the quality of your report, and commentary. Our client is looking for exactly the level of feedback you have provided.
— Charlotte from Clarity, Product Report, Email Review, 2018
ZARAMIA AVA’S designs are sustainable, contemporary and different to anything you would find on the high street. I would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to try something different, which is sourced locally and is ethical, yet fashionable.
— Megan, Google Review, 2017
Zara creates Unique designs with wonderful dimensions in layering, always ethically sourced and vegan! My favorite Leeds designer and a pleasure to work with!
— Charlotte, Facebook Review, 2017
Great quality clothing and accessories. This is a reflection of the elegant yet intricate female designer.
— Stacie, Facebook Review, 2017
High quality gorgeous ethical clothing.
— Fern, Google Review, 2017
Modelling for ZaraMia Ava was fantastic! Her clothes were unique and fun to wear. Anyone is looking for something to help them stand out from crowd should definitely check out ZaraMia’s work. I am happy to have worked with a designer who is so open to diversity and ethical fashion. I look forward to continue working with this brand in the future.
— Mabz, Facebook Review, 2017
ZARAMIA AVA designs are must have investment pieces. They are timeless designs and will last year after year. They can continually be updated and adapted with your wardrobe essentials no matter the season. The garments are not only amazing designs but really good quality fabric and well manufactured.
— Steph, Facebook Review, 2017
Great quality clothes loved the Longline T-shirts would recommend to anyone wanting that something special for that special occasion.
— Clayton, Facebook Review, 2017
I have a few ZARAMIA AVA tops and dresses and all are such good quality. I love the the style and always feel great in them.
— Melanie, Facebook Review, 2017
I have worked with ZaraMia Ava modelling her clothes recently. I have modelled many different brands before and the difference in the quality of clothing line is second to none. Felt really comfortable wearing these items in front of the camera. Couldn’t recommend them enough.
— Nick, Facebook Review, 2017
Shopped around. Love the clothes couldn’t recommend highly enough. Shopped in many high stores before and would always choose this brand over any other. 5* service
— Lee, Facebook Review, 2017
I recently had opportunity to work with ZaraMia Ava’s collection for a conceptual photoshoot. ZaraMia Ava was brilliant with communication and lent me her beautiful collection for project work.
I would fully recommend anyone who want to work with ZaraMia Ava.
— Kay, Google Review, 2017
Totally love all my ZaraMia dresses, they are beautifully designed, made and so freaking cool! Equally good for the curvy girl like me
— Siobhan, Facebook Review, 2017
Worked with Zara in the past and she as well as her clothes were amazing! Would definitely recommend her.
— Kam, Facebook Review, 2017
The clothes speak for themselves! Beautiful
— Angel, Facebook Review, 2017
One of the best brands I’ve had the pleasure of modelling, and one of the best people to work with! Some of the most unique but brilliant clothing out there, can’t wait to see what the future holds!
— Ricky, Facebook Review, 2017
I can’t even describe the workmanship and quality of ZARAMIA AVA garments! Every little detail has been thought of and the items themselves are designed with incredible imagination; one dress can be several different looks in one! The packing and delivery are so personal...I’ll definitely be buying more!
— Sophie, Facebook Review, 2017
I absolutely love my dresses from ZaraMia Ava. They fit so well, can be worn umpteen different ways and to every occasion you could think of. Also, they wash beautifully. It’s obvious that there has been an enormous amount of care and attention to every detail, applied by the designer. I highly recommend them.
— Fredi, Facebook Review, 2017
I am a repeat customer at ZaraMia! I absolutely love the quality of the garments and the way they fit. They can all usually be worn more ways than one and suit so many different sizes and shapes. Her styling and choice of fabrics are amazing.
— Allison, Facebook Review, 2017
Beautiful, well made, versatile clothing that can be worn to various occasions. One garment can be worn multiple ways!
Would highly recommend!
— Hannah, Facebook Review, 2017
Working with ZaraMia Ava clothing for my fashion shoots and over the moon with them. Top quality and beautiful design. Highly recommend as i know all the models at POSE ELITE would too. Everyone fell in love with the designs.
— Stephanie, Facebook Review, 2017
I’ve worked alongside with ZaraMia Ava a couple of times. Always an enjoyable experience and the garments are absolutely brilliant. One of the best!
I’m very grateful that we had the opportunity to work together. Thank you!
— James, Facebook Review, 2017
Having worked with ZaraMia Ava to proofread a few articles, I am proud to say I have always found her message to be thoughtful, informative, and based on ethical considerations. Zara herself is a creative designer of multi-purpose fashion, and has an eye for brilliant designs. It’s an innovative brand run by a reliable and talented individual who you can trust.
— Alex, Facebook Review, 2017
I have purchased a few dresses from ZaraMia Ava and you can tell that there has been meticulous thought on the fit (many of them have more than 3 ways to be worn!), the style and the sustainable materials used. Every single time I wear ZaraMia Ava’s clothes at work or in town I get stopped and asked about them, which can’t be a bad thing!
— Nina, Facebook Review, 2017
Was great to work with ZaraMia on a shoot her clothing is absolutely gorgeous and is such a lovely person very friendly but also professional and our shoot we had together for a range of the clothing went very well I had done the makeup. The clothing is very different to what I’ve seen before but also very fashionable and the prints and material are stunning would definitely recommend for any styling and clothing in general!
— Lizzie, Facebook Review, 2017
ZaraMia offers a very professional made to order service. Would highly recommend
— Darecca, Facebook Review, 2017
Zara is hard working and very much driven by fashion. Great idea’s and concepts. Working with her has been brilliant. Easy to work alongside and she is always up for new idea’s
— Sean, Facebook Review, 2017
Love the ZARAMIA AVA brand! Versatile sizeless clothing and wearable garments for every age and occasion. Sustainably produced and great for the ethically conscious!
— Elaine, Facebook Review, 2017
ZaraMia Ava, is an amazing designer. The pieces I have, are brilliantly stylish, easy to wear and care for.
— Nick, Google Review, 2017
Always enjoy working with ZARAMIA AVA. Her work is always very unique to photograph and every shoot is always a success. I have bought many garments as the fit and fabric choice always make me stand out from the crowd and I receive comments everywhere I go.
— L-Images, Google Review, 2016
ZaraMia Ava’s clothing is unique, with some amazing designs. Her collections are distinctive, practical, and multipurpose.

As ZaraMia Ava’s PR editor, I have found her inspiring and great to work with. I would recommend her to all future clients.
— Alex, Google Review, 2015
ZaraMia Ava has a selection of diverse clothing that makes you stand above the rest in fashion. Be prepared for high quality and multi-purpose outfits, where care and passion are the threads that give life to the design
— Nathan, Google Review, 2015