We at ZARAMIA AVA want to help you make a difference, have a clear conscience whilst shopping, be part of something bigger than disposable fashion.


Our brand gives you freedom, you are the stylists, wear the garments how you want. There are no rules here, express yourself. Our clothing empowers you, giving you the armour you need to show your confidence. ZARAMIA AVA is guilt free clothing at its finest, that is handmade locally with passion. 


Sustainability is a core value  to us, using end of rolls fabrics, that would have otherwise gone to landfill. Our organic fabrics are ethical, avoiding chemicals and pesticides, which is beneficial for the farmers, workers, consumers and eco systems. We also use high performance organic  bamboo fabrics which has great properties such as antibacterial, thermal control and uv protection.


The garments are all very versatile they can be used for interchangeable pieces in a capsule collection. Being part of the ZARAMIA AVA brand guides you to help build a better world, avoiding mass production. Creating ethical contemporary fashion, that won’t harm the environment, workers or animals.



Zara-Mia Ava was born in Leeds. Studied at Leeds College of Art.
Zara-Mia completed a BA (Hons) Fashion Degree Graduating with a First Class Honors. Along with a National (extended) diploma Fashion Clothing and Design with a Distinction, and a Level 1 & 2 Diploma in Art & Design (BTEC) with a Distinction Star.


Zara-Mia has a distinctive approach to fashion this is shown throughout her Collections. Functional and versatile fundamentals are imbedded in the design. A key element is that the majority of the garments are multipurpose; one garment can be worn in various ways giving options to the wearer. The garments also have practical aspects using enhanced fabrics.


The intricate pattern cutting is a key feature in Zara-Mia's designs. The attention to detail is shown by the use of traditional tailoring techniques, which brings back the value of hand-sewn aspects.


Majority of the products are Made in England.
Zara-Mia Ava produces exclusive garments in short runs of fabric, in a variety of styles.



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BA (Hons) Fashion Degree | Graduating with a First Class Honors

June 2012


National (extended) Diploma Fashion Clothing and Design | Completing with a Distinction

June 2009


Level 1 & 2 Diploma in Art & Design (BTEC) | Completing with a Distinction Star.

June 2007